Tips to diagnose Pneumothorax




Closure of broncho-pleural fistula


·       It is usually at the apex.

·       Place the patient on his side with the affected side up.

·       Tilt the head down by raising the foot of the bed.

·       Pass through the I.C. drainage tube a feeding catheter No.5

·       Install blood of the patient (about 30-50ml) inside the feeding catheter.

·       Keep the patient in the mentioned position for 2 hours.

·       Elevate the I.C. drainage tube over a pillow to prevent trickling out of the installed blood.

  • After 2 hours, connect the drainage system to a continuous –ve pressure.


** N.B.: low suction 20mm/Hg or 3KPa.

·       Disconnect –ve pressure when patient goes to the bathroom or for exercise.

·       This procedure is repeated maximally for 3 times day on and day off. 100% result, no need for surgery.