Cystic adenomatoid Emphysema

  Chest x-ray showed non-homogeneous, hypodense lesion of the left lung  
  Barium swallow and follow through excluded the possibility of diaphragmatic hernia  

  Radio-active ventilation - Perfusion scan  
  CT scan chest  


  Post-operative chest x-ray  
  Final Diagnosis  



Cystic Adenomatoid Emphysema

Resection of the lower lobe of the Lt. lung performed on 5/9/88. He was 10 days old. Newborn, N.V.D, U.A.E national, Male, who was having:

Breathing difficulty, bulging of the left hemithorax with restriction of movement and deminited air entries.

CXR: Non homogeneous, hypo dense lesion of the left lung field with shift of the trachea & mediastinum to the right side.

Diluted Barium swallow & follow through have excluded congenital diaphragmatic hernia or eventration.

C.T. Scan chest and Radio-Active Isotope Ventilation- Perfusion scans: Multicystic lesion confined to the upper lobe of the left lung.