TB broncho-pleural fistula

 With auditory hallucinations

Tuberculous Empeyma

50 year old Omani gentleman who was operated one year ago in another institution. Decortication of the right lung for tuberculous empeyma performed.

He was started on anti-T.B. medications.

Now he has developed right sided broncho-pleural fistula. Decortication of the right lung was done on 18/11/87.

Continue anti-T.B. medications:

         Pyrazinamide 2gm od;

         Remactazide 300mg. 2tab. OD.

         Neurobion 1tab. od.

         NB:  Remacazide = I.N.H + Rephampicin.


Few days post operative, he was complaining that many people were calling him all the time from everywhere.


Referred to the Psychiatrist colleague:

         Auditory hallucinations due to I.N.H

         Discontinue I.N.H, h e has improved.