Cystic bronchiectasis  (c)

 This 7-year old boy had chest infection manifested by chronic cough, expectoration, recurrent attacks of fever. When he was admitted to pediatric department he was looking ill, pale and had marked dyspnea during rest. The child was underweight and physically retarded for his age. P-A chest X-ray

Rigid brochoscopy showed pus coming from the right main bronchus. This was followed by bronchogram in the same session which had revealed marked cystic changes of the whole right bronchial tree.

Bronchogram image1, image2, image3, image4, image5, image6.
Cough Post-broncogram. click here

On 20/10/88 right pneumonectomy was performed.
Operative specimen
, image1, image2.
Post-operatively patient showed excellent improvement. He became fully active with good appetite, not pale and without any more dyspnea.
Post-pneumonectomy changes, click here.

The pathology jar specimen showed the destroyed dilated bronchi. The diameter of the peripheral is nearly the same as the primary bronchus at the hilum.
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