Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia

a) This 11- month old female child had upper respiratory infection. She had also bilateral pneumonia with pneumatoceles and empyema. Empyema was more on the right side.

Chest X-ray. Click here

Because of  poor general condition, Decortication of the right lung with plication of a pneumatocele was performed on 6/5/1987.

Postoperative full antibiotic course was given and she has improved.

Post-op. chest X-ray.
    One day after surgery.  click here
    Ten days after surgery. click here

b) This is 6 year old male. Curettage was performed to treat left humerus metaphyseal abscess. This was followed by staphylococcal septicemia.

Subsequently he developed bilateral pneumonia, pneumatocele and empyema more on the right side.

Chest X-ray. click here

Decortication of the right lung was performed on 8/5/1988. Patient improved well after surgery.

    Post-op. x-ray. click here

Q: If any of these penumatoceles has ruptured, will it cause tension pneumothorax ?

A: NO. The extensive fibrosis following inflammation on both sides of the mediastenium

will keep it fixed and prevents its shifting to the other side.