Resistant fulminating Pulmonary TB

This 20 year old lady who is a known case of pulmonary T.B. who is attending our T.B. clinic.

Because She received anti T.B. treatment her condition improved. Two weeks prior to her admission she had no fever, no cough and no hemoptysis

Unfortunately she stopped taking the medication on her own.

Gradually  her general condition deteriorated and she developed amenorrhea. On 10/8/1987 She was brought to A/E with frank hemoptysis.

Chest x-rays, showed collapse of the left lung.

Microscopic examination of sputum showed AFB (acid fast Bacilli).

Anti TB treatment was resumed. After stabilizing her condition she underwent into left pneumonectomy.

Next day post-op. chest X-ray  showing left pneumonectomy.

 Her general condition improved and her menstruation came back to normal.

Chest x-ray (Pic.)  nearly one year later showed showed typical post-pneumonectomy changes.