Sq. cell carcinoma upper 1/3 oesophagus

This 49 year old Indian male works as a technician.

He presented with dysphagia to solids then to fluids for one month.

Upper GIT endoscopy revealed a lesion 10 cm below the level crico-pharyngeus.

Barium swallow showed the lesion with shouldering and rat-tail appearance. ( the lesion is 7 cm in length ).
        Image1, Image2

Endoscopic biopsy proved to be squamous cell carcinoma.

Laparotomy, right thoracotomy, right cervical exploration and pan oesophagectomy was performed together with cervical gastro-oesophageal anastmosis.
        Operative specimen

Barium study after 10 days postoperatively showed a hold up at the pylorus.
        Image1, Image2

So that a jujenal loop was taken for gastrojujenostomy drainage.

Postoperative barium study showed good drainage from both pyloric and jujenal pathways.

Patient was referred to the onchologist for further treatment.
Patient survived more than 10 years but we are not able to follow him up after that.
          Image1, Image2