Thymoma   (b)

This is 30 year old UAE man who works as a policeman. During routine medical checkup chest x-ray showed left anterior mediastinal mass.

Chest x-ray: P-A view, lateral view

CT scan chest showed: Homegenously opaque single round mass with sharp borders.
CT scan chest:

On removal, there was clear line of cleavage between the mass and the surroundings.

Histopathology report was:


One year later the patient complained that he is not able to elevate his eye lids and shoulders  in the afternoon time. He was referred to the neurologist who considered him as a case of:

Myasthenia Gravis

Although serum anti- Acetyl Choline Receptors (AChR) antibodies was negative ( it is positive in 80% of the cases MG), they have  put him on:

        R/ mestinon tab 60 mg t.d.s.

He improved well and maintained on that medication.

Chest x-ray after 11 month of surgery: P-A view