Cystic Bronchiectasis   (a)

This 37 year old Indian labourer man. He presented with cough, hemoptysis, recurrent chest infection and purulent expectoration for more than 2 years. On exam, patient looked ill, toxemic, had 2nd degree finger clubbing. Chest auscultation revealed left basal crepitation with pleural rub. 

Chest x-ray showed Honey coomb appearance of left lower lobe and lingula of upper lobe.

    CHEST X-RAY: P-A view,
    Magnified view of lower lobe: image1, image2

Fibro-optic bronchoscopy showed pus comming out through left main bronchus. Diansol contrast medium was injected through the bronchoscope into left main bronchus.

Chest x-ray showed bronchiectatic changes  (contrast) : P-A view, lateral view

Resection of the lower lobe was performed. Operative specimen (click)

Post-operative adequate mobilization and breathing exercises helped in expansion of the remaining left upper lobe.
It fills the whole left hemi-thorax. chest x-ray after 5 months. P-A view