Posterior mediastinal mass

    This 34 married Pakistani lady had Subtotal Thyroidectomy done in 1997 in Pakistan for colloid nodular goiter. Later on she used to get right-sided chest pain.

Chest x-ray (P-A view click) and (lat. view click) showed right posterior mediastinal lesion extending from retro-tracheal area. It is in continuation of the right lobe of the trachea.

Technetium thyroid scan (click) and MIBI Tc 04 thyroid scan (image1,  image2) showed the lesion originating from the thyroid gland.

CT scan of the chest: image1, image2, image3

CT guided biopsy from the lesion was done. (click here)

Histopathology proved to be :


Benign Multinodular colloid goiter and no evidence of malignancy