Rupture of bronchial stump

This is a 55 year old Iranian gentleman. He is heavy smoker and had initially chronic cough which turned to productive one with foul smelling expectoration.

Chest x-ray- PA (click here)  lateral view (click here) did show -  A parenchymatous lesion of the left lung. It arises from the hilum and extends to the periphery with cavity formation and fluid level.

CT scan: Pict1, Pict2, Pict3, Pict4

Left extended pneumonectomy ( intra-pericardial) was performed and the lesion proved to be squamous cell carcinoma.

The patient was referred to the oncologist for further management.

    Three months later, the post pneumonectomy space became  homogenously  opaque. (click here)

After one and half year the patient came with hoarseness of voice. Rigid bronchoscopy showed normal vocal cords and intact bronchial stump.

    Biopsy was taken  from the stump which did NOT show any evidence of recurrence.

Three months later he was brought to emergency department with cough and severe hemoptysis.

X-ray chest showed  Leakage of air in the homogenously opaque left hemithorax. (click here)

It denotes :

    Rupture of The Stump

Patient expired 2 days later.