Cervical spine disconnection

This child was crossing the road with his uncle. A fast moving vehicle was coming towards them. The uncle held the child from his
head and through him away from the car. The uncle was knocked down by the car and died. The child has survived. He was transferred to central hospital where he was found completely quadriplegic with a sensory level at C5. Cervical spine with chest x-ray was done. (x-RAY image)


    1- How the cervical spines look?

    2- Are there cervical vertebrae in the region of the neck?

    3- How is the breadth of the mediastinum?



showed complete disconnection of the cervical vertebrae and widening of the mediastinum . In the neck there was no bones, only soft tissues. The thoracic surgeon found injury of the thymic veins which were secured.

The cervical spines were fixed by bone grafts and metallic bars by the neurosurgeon. Post fixation x-ray.

Unfortunately, the child expired one week later.

A near similar case . Extreme atlanto-axial disruption- Image